Rural Business Women

Inspiration and advice to grow your business from regional Australia.

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Rural Business Women - The Book
The Rural Copywriter

About Rural business women

Have you ever wondered whether you could start your own successful business, from the bush?

But figured you were:

  • Too small – to be taken seriously
  • Too remote – without any business connections.
  • Too busy – that you couldn’t fit the work in around family, farm or other commitments.

Or you feel you are:

  • Not confident enough
  • Not flashy enough
  • Not ‘clever’ enough
  • Not experienced enough
  • Not skilled enough???

Many rural, regional and remote women feel the same about starting, growing and scaling their own business. And yet, many have done so very successfully.

In Rural Business Women, 16 rural businesswomen show you how they’ve achieved success in business – and how you can too!

Building a wildly successful business from the bush – or ‘the middle of nowhere’ in rural, regional or remote Australia – is indeed possible and incredibly rewarding.

You could end up setting yourself and your family up for true financial freedom and lifestyle flexibility. And your location or individual circumstances are not a barrier.

You can start and grow a business – and this book will show you how.

Rural Business Women is a collection of knowledge from 16 successful rural business women.

What’s inside



Part 1


Getting Started

Part 2



Part 3


Systems for Growth

Part 4

Chapter 1

Believe to Achieve
Janiece McCarthy – Janiece McCarthy Coaching

They say that operating a successful business is 20% mechanics and 80% mindset. If you understand the factors influencing your business, you can adjust your focus to better address its needs.

Imagine this: you are physically working but your mind is on other things. You might be worrying about not having the money to do things, that your partner or family are not supportive, or that you don’t understand marketing enough to accomplish your goals.

Take a step back and look at what’s causing you to have these limiting beliefs. You can spend all the time in the world developing a solid business strategy, but it won’t matter if your mindset is not in the right place.

You want to develop the mindset of a champion. To do this, you must first allow yourself to let go of the thoughts that are preventing you from moving forward.

Imagine a marathon runner. They train, they believe that they will win the marathon.

Without belief in themselves, do you think they have a higher chance of winning or running further back in the pack?

Developing a Business Mindset

Building a great business takes more than passion, dedication and a strong work ethic. Entrepreneurs typically have a set of traits that set them apart from their competition.

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Curated by Sarah Walkerden, Rural Business Women features stories and advice from 16 successful rural women in business.

The book is divided into four easy to navigate sections – Mindset, Getting Started, Marketing and Systems for Growth.

About the CURATOR.

Hello! I’m Sarah Walkerden – a multi-award-winning copywriter over at The Rural Copywriter.

I help rural and regional businesses win customers and boost their Google rankings with effective SEO Website Copywriting, website optimisation and digital marketing strategies.

This book has been a real labour of love. I embarked on putting this together as there weren’t any books specifically for rural women in business – and I thought there deserved to be.

We’re pretty powerful out here in rural and regional Australia and I hope this book inspires you to chase your business dreams, too. 

Sarah Walkerden


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Rural Business Women

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