Sarah Walkerden

Multi-award-winning Copywriter & proud rural business owner.

Sarah Walkerden - Curator of Rural Business Women

My Story

In my family, academic achievement and a city-based corporate career has always been heralded as the pinnacle of success. I however loved horses and from the age of 10, was determined to buy and live on my own farm.

As I diligently worked my way through high school, I recognised the need to earn REAL money to obtain my horses and my farm. So, I knew that I needed to temporarily stuff myself into that ‘corporate box’ to get to where I wanted to go.

Despite earning a Bachelor of Technology at University and going on to spend 13 years in the corporate world as a Web Content Specialist in Melbourne, I always knew I didn’t want the stress, exhaustion and anxiety of city and corporate life forever.

And after purchasing my dream rural property with my (now) husband, the 2.5-hour commute to work wasn’t sustainable, particularly after having our first child (and later on, our second).

Our first major business succeeded on one level (online) and then failed on the other (physical retail store). Many people would have given up on the business dream after such a large disaster. Yet despite our dire financial situation at the time, with two young kids, I was determined not to go back to the corporate world and the dreaded long commute. So, I turned to what I was good at (writing and websites), started over and tried again.

Now, as ‘The Rural Copywriter’, I’ve firmly established myself as the leading Copywriter in the rural, regional and agriculture space.

In 2021, I’ve won several awards, including GOLD awards in the Roar Awards 2021, for Service Business of the Year and Best Blogger/Writer/Author – and a SILVER award for Best B2B Service Business in the AusMumpreneur Awards 2021.

I’ve also gained recognition by multiple media outlets, for my awards successes and indeed, for the concept of this very book. Plus, been awarded Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) status with the Australian Marketing Institute – and my professional experience now spans over 17 years.

Sarah Walkerden

The inspiration behind ‘rural business women’

Quite simply, the inspiration came from not being able to find ANY books that specifically featured and addressed the unique challenges of starting, running and growing a business from rural or regional areas as a woman.

There were books on female entrepreneurs, but much of the advice was geared towards city-based women. Not those of us in regional towns or tiny rural and remote communities.

I thought it was about time that changed.

There are growing numbers of us amazing rural women who are embarking on business adventures – all, while juggling families, farms, communities and both the physical and mental isolation we often experience.

This magical book aims to fill this huge gap in the book and business world.



The rural copywriter

For more information about me or what I do, check out my business website The Rural Copywriter.