I grew up in Inverell NSW and moved away when I was about 20 to explore the country. I even worked in Canada for a short stint, before returning to Inverell in 2015 to be closer to my family. 

Inverell truly is a beautiful place to live and ironically, I ended up meeting my partner here. We grew up in similar circles and still did not meet until I returned. I live with my partner, dog and cat and an enormous number of indoor plants.

Running a business is a relatively new concept to me since starting Direct Virtual Consulting in 2019 (after 16 years in administration roles). I wanted to work with established business owners who know they need support and were excited to grow their business. 

I believe my passion for helping others is evident when I find like-minded people. 

In my spare time I run an art business called Colourbliss Studio where I use resin and alcohol inks to create artworks. I love having the ability to channel my energy into creating beauty in the world. 

I also love listening to true crime and watching crime dramas.

Clare Doye
Direct Virtual Consulting